Brantford Real Estate Update for May 2024

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Here is your Brantford Real Estate Update for May 2024 with the statistics from last month for the detached residential homes in the City of Brantford, the North End neighbourhoods, and the West Brant area.

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The average sale price for a detached single family home in Brantford is $701,584, which has gone up by 2.79% or an average of $19,043 compared to the average sale price of $682,541 in April 2023. 

There were 17.07% more new listings in Brantford that came on the market compared to a year ago, and there were 1.69% more sales.

North End

The average sale price in Brantford’s North End neighbourhoods in April 2024 was $757,850, which is up by 4.06% compared to the average sale price of $728,253 in 2023. There were exactly the same number of new listings in the North End neighbourhoods last month compared to April 2023, and the number of sales in the North End areas were down by 15.15% versus a year ago. The numbers indicate that it was a Seller's market in the North End last month.

West Brant

The average sale price in the West Brant area in April 2024 was $841,502, which is up by 1.37% compared to the average sale price of $830,158 in April 2023. There were 50% more new listings in West Brant last month compared to a year ago as there were a lot more homes that hit the market, and there were 11.54% more sales in West Brant than there were in April 2023. The numbers indicate that it was a balanced market in West Brant last month.

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Terry's Take on the Brantford Real Estate Market

The were more homes on the market in Brantford last month compared to a year ago given the 17.07% increase in new listings compared to only a 1.69% increase in the number of homes sold last month. The demand has been strong with a lot of out-of-town buyers still coming from the more expensive areas and wanting to buy a home in Brantford. For buyers, there have been some excellent opportunities to get a great deal on the home you want but you need to have your ducks in a row and make sure you're in a position to act quickly when the right opportunity becomes available. If you're planning on selling a home in Brantford, you have a few options and the best strategy to use to make sure you can sell your home for the highest price possible will depend on a couple of factors, with some of those factors being within your control, while other factors are beyond your control but need to be taken into consideration. 

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