Brantford Real Estate Update for April 2024

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Here is your Brantford Real Estate Update for April 2024 with the statistics from last month for the detached residential homes in the City of Brantford, the North End neighbourhoods, and the West Brant area.

*Keep in mind there aren't enough sales in each of the other neighbourhoods in Brantford to be able to provide information that would be a true reflection of what is really happening in those neighbourhoods. 


The average sale price for a detached single family home in Brantford is $646,138, which has gone down by 6.83% or an average of $47,383 compared to the average sale price of $693,521 in March 2023. 

There were 4.86% fewer new listings in Brantford that came on the market last month and there were 2.17% fewer sales.

North End

The average sale price in Brantford’s North End neighbourhoods in March 2024 was $696,485, which is down by 3.31% compared to the average sale price of $720,312 in 2023. There were 36.11% fewer new listings in the North End neighbourhoods last month compared to March 2023, and the number of sales in the North End areas were down by 4.00% versus a year ago. There is a low inventory of homes for sale in the North End neighbourhoods which is creating bidding wars given the strong demand with many Buyers still trying to find a home to buy in the North End. 

West Brant

The average sale price in the West Brant area in March 2024 was $710,577, which is down by 14.83% compared to the average sale price of $834,304 in March 2023. There were 17.95% fewer new listings in West Brant last month compared to a year ago, and there were 45.83% fewer sales in West Brant than there were in March 2023. 

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Terry's Take on the Brantford Real Estate Market

The market has picked up over the past few weeks and although the average sale price for the month of March 2024 is down compared to March 2023, and some areas have a lot more homes on the market compared to a year ago, there are other areas in Brantford that had more sales than new listings last month. I am still seeing a lot of overpriced homes with some of those homes being priced ridicously high, and those homes are simply not going to sell, while the homes that are priced in line with the market are getting activity and some of those homes are getting bidding wars and selling for above their asking prices.

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